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2 hours ago, Triton said:

It's for drainage.

The one theory I have for why they split the tunnels into two is that federal regulation probably has some rules when it comes to tunnel length and the requirement to build a ventilation system to take out vehicle exhaust. The price tag probably would have risen substantially if they made one long tunnel with those requirements as opposed to two smaller tunnels. On top of that, you probably also would have been required to build emergency exits every-so-often. Again, that's just a theory I have.

I think you are correct on the ventilation aspect.  I recall reading about such ventilation requirements regarding the below-grade segments in NHHIP. If a "tunnel" is more than x' feet long mechanical ventilation is required.

Found this:  

NFPA [National Fire Protection Association] 502 does not mandate that mechanical ventilation be provided in tunnels less than 1000 m (3280 ft.) long, but does require an engineering analysis be performed. Historically, for short tunnels, common practice is that they are not mechanically ventilated. However, societal awareness about the serious nature of fires in road tunnels, coupled with the development of NFPA 502, has led to a need to demonstrate quantitatively whether mechanical ventilation is needed. NFPA 502 states that emergency ventilation shall not be required in tunnels less than 3280 feet in length, where it can be shown by an engineering analysis that the level of safety provided by a mechanical ventilation system is equaled or exceeded by enhancing the means of egress or the use of natural ventilation

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Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr   Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr   Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr  

Eastern Glades was open to the public today.  It was kind of empty of people because it was raining, but I would imagine this will attract quite a crowd when the weather starts getting cooler.   Very

I biked through the park today and noticed that they have begun installing the pre-fabricated sections of the tunnel.  I think this is the east tunnel (the one closer to downtown). It is much bigger t

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Great photos @hindesky and yep i went for an early morning pre easter brunch bike ride and so fun to see all the activity at the park and loop! 

and heck yes, this tunnel progress is so darn impressive and is looking amazing! cannot wait to see it finished! 

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20 minutes ago, thatguysly said:

Are they building a bridge over the water feature between the tunnels or will it be a culvert system? The rendering make me think culvert but that doesn't seem as hospitable to the ecosystem.

We only support land animals, not water ones.

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18 minutes ago, samagon said:

what about amphibians that don't want to go all the way around the land bridge?

They can shop at the GFR and take their chances after...

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that new crushed gravel path for foot and bike traffic that replaces the old picnic lane road is super fun to ride on with it's curves and "in the middle of the woods" feel! 

It does kinda go a bit out of the way if you are in a hurry to get home like i was the other night haha...but yep it's awesome! 

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