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Triple Threat show on KILT-AM 610

Blue Dogs

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For many fans and listeners of KILT-AM Sports Radio 610, what's your personal thoughts on the 5-hour afternoon show, "The Triple Threat" with Rich Lord, Sean Pendergast and Ted Johnson (2:00-7:00pm) ?

Some may not like the show due to Johnson's constant blabbing about the Patriots this, Patriots that or Lord's refusal to interact with Facebook or even Twitter.



A. Like the show

B. Hate it


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I'll take option D. Indifference.

I guess it's better without Innes, but I don't care much for Ted Johnson. This is HOUSton, Ted, not BOSton! Oh well, I guess it's par for the course, we're becoming more and more New England South at every turn.

That's okay though. If O'Brien can take us to the promised land, and bring us a championship, he can mold us into Seattle Southeast as far as I care. Just restore us to our rightful place as a contender. That's all I ask. That's all any of us can really ask.

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Yeah, it did. That's because Gary Kubiak had no business as a head coach, but I digress. We could go on all day about how inept the prior regime really was, but why? They are gone, this thread is about the Triple Threat, and knowing radio, it's only a matter of time before one (or more) of the group leaves for a better deal, and the station scrambles to fill another hosting vacancy.

Such is life within the radio medium, so if someone out there really does "hate it", don't let the three of them get under your skin too badly. This time next year, KILT will have again changed its lineup, lol.

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