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Ascension On The Bayou: Apartments Near CityCentre

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For those of you who have crossed Buffalo Bayou at the Beltway lately, you have probably noticed two giant spoils (dirt) piles on the east side north of the bayou. Has anyone heard any details about what is going on here.

From what I have gathered so far the plan is for a six-story residential development named Ascension on the Bayou. The builder is Rampart Construction.

Here is where it gets interesting. I am pretty sure most of the lot is directly in the flood plain especially now given how much they have cut into the side of the embankment. On top of that it looks like the location was once a low lying area but was built up through the dumping of debris from various flood control projects along the bayou. A look at historic arial photography supports this assumption.



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I live at Briar Forest and Beltway 8 and this project got started a long while back with site prep and a little grading but then work stopped for a period of months. I think it was originally to be built by Davis Brothers Construction and then Rampart Construction took it over. The dirt moving operation has been going on for about 3 months. All I could gather online was about the same, that this was/maybe still is to be a 6 story, 263,952 sqf, 280 unit multifamily development on just over 4 acres.

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I had not been paying enough attention to realize that work actually stopped for a while. One thing I did notice is that they had all their rebar and even prefabricated rebar cage assemblies for piers delivered a long time ago. Looks like they were planning on pouring the foundation a while ago but ran into problems.

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A hospital/clinical? Am I missing something by viewing it on my cell phone? The design seems quite fresh, not your average run of the mill complex. What more could you want for an apartment midrise out by the loop?

yes cloud713, get to your computer quickly.. before the doctor arrives with treatment.  what kind of cell phone are you using?  

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yes cloud713, get to your computer quickly.. before the doctor arrives with treatment.  what kind of cell phone are you using?  

haha, an iphone 6. no its not the Plus, but the screen is still decently big. i just got on the computer and still think it looks great for a multifamily midrise (especially the companies FIRST). it doesnt appear to have a boring basic square/rectangle layout, and i appreciate the variety of design as opposed to most residential mid rises going up across the city. it reminds me of a cross between Pearl Midtown and BLVD Place with the colors and the lines of the building. i think what i really like is how they broke up all the typical angles on a mid rise complex; its not completely vertical, there are some set backs.. and its not a standard rectangle shaped wrap built around a square pool area or parking garage (granted there is a central courtyard somewhere in the complex). i guess i can see where you would get the "clinical" vibe from now. the grey and beige wall front center appears somewhat institutional looking. other then that though i really dig it for being what it is, a multifamily mid rise.




lets put it this way. that ~40 million dollar property the CoH sold to Alliance Residential Co a couple months ago instead of selling it to the developer who wanted to build two 30 story towers on connected to Buffalo Bayou Park by bridge over Allen Parkway.. i was SUPER bummed about that. but if these guys were to take over that site and build something like this there instead of another crappy Alliance midrise wrap style complex, i would go bonkers.


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I did some research on this and found the following.


1. The land is the old Buffalo Bayou Channel

2. The property was originally owned by Briargrove Park home owners association.

3. They sold it in 2005 to Nikko Development, and it has passed hands to Peterson Group, 7677 Apartments, and Ascension on the Bayou.


One caveat, there is a flood easement on the entire property. I wonder if they ever got a release. Ref HCCF 072019 (BRIARGROVE PARK - SEC 1, 05/10/1960).


** I tried uploading a pdf of the map, but the file was to large

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