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Jewelry Shop

EastEnd Susan

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Back in the 70's there was a small Jewelry shop in the 700 block of Telephone Rd. It was in a small strip center with a turret looking design on one end. Many people from Austin High got their senior rings there. Back then it was painted dark brown with white trim that gave it a Swiss feel. Does anyone remember the name?

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Here's a pic. I vaguely remember passing by it. Those flower boxes and ornamental lamps, along with that turret still look Bavarian. I remember the ice cream parlor with the Borden's cow sign down the street. It's still there, now a taqueria.




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...another previous HAIF discussion on the jewelry store bldg. 


I'm wondering what the store to the left of the turret one was... it has a curved facade, seen from the side street that is in between the two buildings discussed here. It looks like it could have been a grocery store, as well. It's very long. 



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^Yep, the taqueria at 902 Telephone was a Rettig's.


The jewelry store (at 704 Telephone) was McNeel's in the 1950s and 1960s and later Hart's in the 1970s.


And of course the famous Felix Mexican Restaurant arches can still be seen at 719 Telephone. Oh, and John's Broiler Burger used to be Brittain's.

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