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Fairview St. And Montrose Blvd.


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^^^ solid design and happy to have it.  however, didn't some developers recently have to shelve their montrose district projects due to the doom and gloom of the houston economy?  how does THE BOWERY plan to rise above all of the rest?  inquiring minds.....

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On 11/6/2016 at 4:27 PM, Foundation said:

New sign seen today points to City Place Living . Com 


Website directs you to their Midtown apartment building. The sign on site also says "now leasing". I'd say they're trying fill that one up before starting work on The Bowery on Montrose.

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I find it odd that they would call a place "Bowery" given its historic connotation of a slum and red light district (post Civil war) in NYC.  Yes, I know it has been gentrifying for a decade or so, but I am still surprised that folks would name a new building "Bowery".



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Maybe the person charged with naming the apartment had experience with  the crappy sidewalks. . . . iffy street lighting. . . . low water pressure.....unreliable new sewage pipes that seem to spring leaks......and high BMV within Avondale...............?:blink:


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  • The title was changed to Fairview And Montrose (Formerly The Bowery On Montrose)
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  • The title was changed to Fairview St. And Montrose Blvd.

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