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I find myself more excited about the potential “Boulevard” being created along Kirby than I am about Post Oak. While I love where PO is going with some of their developments, there are some key shopping centers like the Centre at post Oak (one with. Nordstrom’s Rack) and Post Oak Plaza (one with California Pizza kitchen) that I think are so entrenched that they will not be going anywhere for years. Kirby, on the other hand, looks more promising as even their shopping centers around the Richmond intersection are old and are more likely to be redeveloped, making the street more uninform in its density. Of course, south of 59 is a whole other story...

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1 hour ago, brijonmang said:

Another @ekdrm2d1 inspired Where's Waldo 😉


Green Houston


Regarding construction towers: The furthest to the left is the Montrose Tower by the Colombe d'Or, To the right of center is the River Oaks tower, and the furthest to the right is Hanover River Oaks. 

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I can remember when Johnny Carraba and Damien Mandola first bought the little xxx rated magazine stand on the corner of Branard and Kirby back in 1985.

Not much was going on in the neighborhood at the time. I worked at Carrabba's, while in graduate school, and that was definitely the place to see everybody.

The celebrity's and world class athletes that came to eat there was astounding. I met more hall of fame athletes in every sport and quite a few movie stars and politicians.

Waited on Joe Jamail and Hugh Liedtke the night they settled the landmark lawsuit for Pennzoil. Made Joe a multimillionaire.

The House of Pies,  and Jamail's, a great grocery, import store and the best place in town to see who's who in Houston at the time were right across the street.

There was a Jaguar dealership at the southeast corner of Kirby and West Alabama, and a funeral home where Thor built their mixed use development.

I'm sure Johnny is very pleased that they picked that location and were smart enough to buy up the land around that original restaurant.

The area just keeps getting denser and trendier.

I see Kirby as a Post Oak Blvd. mini me. 

I also think that Montrose is slowly growing into the prestigious neighborhood for high rise residences and museums I always hoped that it would.

Now they just need to redo the blvd.

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17 hours ago, MarathonMan said:

The elevator shaft on HRO should be topped out by now.  I thought This Tower would look significantly taller than 2727 Kirby, but it doesn’t to me.  2727 must have some high ceilings.


You sure? I thought there was a few more floors to go?

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1 hour ago, Avossos said:


You sure? I thought there was a few more floors to go?

From the pictures above, it looks like they’re pouring the columns for the 37th floor.  The elevator shaft looks at least a couple of floors above that.  Assuming I counted right, that would put the elevator shaft at or very close to the top.

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Now on the HAIF Development Map under the layer "Under Construction". For any updates on the status of this project. Please DM me.

Things to keep an eye on include (but not limited to):

-updated renders (will be adding pics to all projects later)
-project name changes

-changes in use or additions of uses

-changes in number of stories

-changes to Developer or additional Developers

-changes to Architect or additional Architects/Designers

-announcements or changes to construction dates / finish dates

If any of the above is missing in the project info already then please assist clarifying any missing info to me.

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Nice shot. I like how you also captured the other buildings under construction to the east.

The Hines La Colombe d'Or

3300 Main

and I think the Drewery in the space between the Hanover Montrose and the Hines

If I'm not mistaken that all went up in the last 3 years.

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  • The title was changed to Hanover River Oaks: Multifamily At 2651 Kipling St.

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