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Capitan Theater At 1001 Shaw Ave.


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I grew up in Pasadena and remember it being called "El Capitan". I guess old habits die hard. My family was bilingual ( Spanish) and even when speaking English they referred to it as "El Capitan" theater, when translated would be the Capitan theater. As I stated in an earlier post, I'm sorry that I referred to it by the wrong name. I saw an article in the Pasadena Citizen newspaper that said the city had sold the El Capitan (newspaper's wording, not mine), so the future of the theater is not known at this time.

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It makes sense that a Hispanic would refer to it as "El Capitan", but as an Anglo who grew up in Pasadena in the 50s and lived three blocks from it when it was in its heyday, I never once heard anyone call it that. But, I give up. Call it what you want.

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Don't have much knowledge about the Capitan in Pasadena, but I imagine at some point it indeed was referred to by its occupants as "El Capitan".

I know for a fact that its sister on Old Humble/Jensen was called "La Granada" once it began showing peliculas, and would assume Capitan showed Mexican movies towards the end of its life as a theater as well. This may be why Sootycat referred to it with the "El". The Cat is likely younger than us graybeards, which would make him correct in calling it El Capitan, even though we more advanced age Houstonians know better.

Or should I call you El Gato de Sooty? Lol.

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  • The title was changed to Capitan Theater At 1001 Shaw Ave.

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