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Braun To Redevelop Ella Plaza


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Recently, the Leader reported on the purchase of Ella Plaza by Braun Enterprises. Area residents expressed their excitement on social media about the potential for major improvements to the space as well as additional tenants.

John Crawford wrote on the Oak Forest Homeowners Association Facebook page: “Braun is a quality developer. This is definitely good news for the neighborhood.”

While Dan Braun said that they will wait to actively market the plaza once their plans are firmly in place, renovations will hopefully start before the end of the year. “The city is backed up and it will take a while to get the permits,” he said.

As for keeping the retro Ella Plaza sign, Braun said that they’d like to but are unsure at the present time if the city codes will allow it. “We also have the same problem at 4721 N. Main. The city codes don’t allow for keeping a lot of the old signs if you make any changes other than changing out the panels. We will certainly try.”

With several area developments in the Heights, including the spot where the Heights General Store is now located and Yale Street Center with its Yale Street Grill, Braun is familiar with the changing demographics of the Leader area. In the hunt for tenants for his developments, Braun said they generally choose qualified and local regional groups over larger chains. He cites Torchy’s at Harolds as an example, saying that they also had interest from national chains for the location.

“We will do our best to find a tenant mix that fits well with the neighborhood,” said Braun of the 30,000 square foot space. “There will probably be a combination of local and regional tenants.”




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10 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

Why does Houston need this many storage places and mattress stores?


storage is actually quite profitable and in demand so no surprise there.


come to find out, though, no one needs that many mattress stores, not even mattress firm. the two guys that led their RE team were caught defrauding MF from millions and millions of dollars entering into hundreds of unnecessary leases nationwide, often in retail developments they were undisclosed partners in or in exchange for lavish gifts and trips. so come to find out it's NOT just part of their business model haha

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