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Does Anyone Know What Mall This Is?


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Alright so a video has been posted to YouTube that shows a trip to a mall to play some Hard Drivin'


I'm trying to figure out what mall was featured in the video, although I have very little to go off of.


The full video is here.



The mall and surrounding area show up here.




About the only thing I can pull is a quick glimpse of a Sears and it's Garden Center. This combined with the right turn to get into the mall facing the Exxon make it seem like it was possible Memorial Mall although I'm not sure.

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Yes, most definitely Memorial City Mall. No wonder SpaceGhost had to ask, it barely resembles itself anymore. That old, old Sears sign gave it away to me. Wish they'd have gone around the front to see the dooky brown Montgomery Wards store and the Whataburger we used to go to before hitting the movies.

Thanks for posting this Ghost, it really takes you back about 30 years.

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I'm thinking Memorial City too. For further reference: they're driving on one of the divided four lane roads (looks like Gessner) and upon actually reaching Sears, look what we have here:

Does this look familiar?

I'm sure that the Garden Center was converted into additional retail later, which is what we're seeing.

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Wow very cool - I love mini time travels like that!


And yeah, at the beginning (about :17) you can see them passing by Atchafalaya River Cafe which back then was at 8816 Westheimer (currently Landry's, originally Night Hawk) and then at 4:02 they go through Barryknoll St. on the south side of the mall - so it looks like the route was Westheimer to Gessner straight north to the mall.


Oh, and it was posted on the 25th anniversary of the video! (July 20, 1989/2014)



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This just makes me miss the Picadilly  :(   and the smelly fountains they used to have there.


Do you mean the actual mall fountains? Can you describe them? What materials were they made of, the colors, and what were the dates of construction? (Sixties, seventies?)... Also, where were they placed? 


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