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Some calling for Josh Innes to be fired from WIP Philadelphia

Blue Dogs

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It didn't take too long, but some people are now calling for the removal of Josh Innes at WIP Philadelphia. He's also been receiving some death threats from a couple of Philadelphia sports fans.


Reaction from anyone on this development ?

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I finally found the article, but it was months old. Back in February, Innes made a wise-ass remark to a caller about "dodging a bullet". The caller said Innes might be dodging more bullets in the future, which Innes immediately reported as a death threat.


Except for a flap over a snotty remark about a child who was born with a cleft palate, there hasn't been much of any note reported about Innes since then, but that doesn't mean he's been nice on the air. He is the single most polarizing sports radio figure I've ever listened to, and I predicted his act wouldn't go over well with a lot of people in Philly.


Back in December when we learned Innes was leaving KILT for Philly, I posted this reaction to the insulting things he said about Rich Lord:


"Wow. What a guy. What a classy way to make your exit. He just couldn't resist a parting shot. He says he's leaving because he can't stand working with Rich Lord anymore. Well, I'm betting Rich feels the same way about him and he's not shedding any tears over it.


Innes is so eaten up with himself that he apparently doesn't care that he's burning the bridge. Rich is one of the best sports call-in guys in the country, and he'll miss Innes about as much as he'd miss a hemorrhoid.


Innes is the reason I stopped listening to KILT when he was on the air. I think he will fit right in up in Philly because the fans there are as obnoxious and outspoken as he is. They won't take his crap for a minute. He's in for a shock."


I love it when a prediction comes true. If Innes has any sense, he's probably wishing he hadn't burned the bridge on his way out of Houston. Bridge burners always end up wishing they hadn't done that, sooner or later.

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Filio Scotia, I agree Innes is very polarizing and controversial. He was talking about dropping out of LSU, his strange love life, etc.,


No wonder people like Marc Vandermeer,John Lopez and Rich Lord didn't like him (especially Lord).


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