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Parking around rice military and cottage grove


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Hey Guys,


Just been looking at purchasing a home in the area and noticed that alot of these developments have no parking.


I saw one development prob with 20 homes where the developer covered the ditch and created parking for it, while I see another with 28 homes and no parking at all for a single guest.


Just wanted to see if anyone could fill me in why the city doesnt require such a large development to create parking?


It just seems to make more sense. The day i drove by I notice that there was only 2 driveways to enter a 28 townhome development. What happens on trash day? All 28 homes are going to line up their trash on the street along with their recycling bins? That's going to be a sight to see,



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I had a chance drive through this neighborhood the other day. It had been awhile since I'd been on those streets and yes it has happened just as I predicted. No parking for anybody other than one or mabey two spots for each homeowner. If you are a visitor to one of these upright homes, good luck finding a safe place to park without offending a neighbor or getting towed.The few remaining traditional homes that have street front parking have the only places available and if I were in one of those older homes, I'd park out front daily just to claim my spot to piss other people off, 'cause that's the kind of guy I am.

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Looks to me like 311 needs to be more proactive about all the new illegal "private" parking restrictions on public rights of way. Check out the front of Bacchus on Dunlavy and Missouri. Also seeing various lines of large rocks that sprout to prevent any parking at all.


This one is in Shady Acres. Photo taken from the street. Note sidewalk location.




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