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News Series 2000 music theme

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Hello everyone.


I've stumbled upon some news clips and noticed the famous music theme, "News Series 2000" that several news stations such as KTRK Ch. 13 had used during the 1980s. Here are several examples:


KTRK-TV Ch. 13 Eyewitness News Tonight on Wednesday, October 8, 1986:



September 11, 1988 10pm weekend newscast with Jim Rosenfield, Debbi Johnson, Tim Melton and Ed Brandon (Galvan left for KPRC sometime in the fall of that year). Opens start at 3:09 mark




WABC-TV New York, NY State from 1985



11pm newscast open



WLS-TV ABC 7 Chicago 1986 newscast open:




WVUE-TV New Orleans, LA 1992 open



WXYZ-TV Detroit, MI ABC 7 1993 open with Bill Bonds' classic talk:



Here's another from 1990:




KABC-TV ABC 7 Los Angeles, CA from 1992 (they used the News Series 2000 theme in 1990: previously used Cool Hand Luke from 1969-1990)



*Anyone noticed that Laura Diaz looks like Eva Longoria in this clip LOL.


Let me know if I forgot to add any other videos of news stations who used the News Series 2000:






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