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Chateau Ten: University Place Condominiums At 1742 Sunset Blvd.


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You'd think he would have come up with another name for this one.

I'm a little surprised there weren't some ashby mid rise monster billboards on the street.


Maybe the developer is doing like the Skyhouse developer, building multiple buildings that look exactly the same and with the same name. It cuts down on the cost and construction time. I really like this type of infill!

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We used to own a home on Ashby between Sunset and Rice and was there when they built the first 3 story townhomes east of Ashby on Bolsover then the complex on the  south side of Sunset. Then they added the midrise medical clinic a little farther east. Actually the Ashby high rise and everything on the east side of Ashby is not in Southampton. I was made fully aware of that when we sold our home on the east side of Ashby. We were told then not to expect Southampton prices because we were'nt in the true bounds of Southampton. Its a beautiful neighborhood and very protective. That's why I was surprised when the Southampton was announced and there was no clamor since it's just on the western edge of Southampton. Twelve stories, same kind of noise factors, and traffic, and  not one angry monster building billboard. I guess it depends on whose house its looming over.

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Southampton ends at Greenbrier St. Between Greenbrier and Morningside is "Southampton Extension." Southampton Extension's deed restrictions aren't nearly as strict. The major differences are as follows;


1) Older homes can be turned into duplexes, triplexes, and even four-plexes whereas in Southampton only single family is allowed


2) You can build multiple units (townhomes) on a lot whereas you cannot in Southampton proper


3) You can build out a full third floor. In Southampton, you are not supposed to have a full third floor. Some of the newer spec houses have pushed the limits on this but the neighborhood has fought and won a few cases (the most visible case was the modern home on the southwest corner of Shepherd and Sunset in which construction was halted for over a year and the neighborhood eventually won).



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I realize we already have a thread for the River Oaks one but I figured we needed this one just in case.... well, just in case any lawsuits happen.  :lol: This is just a block down from the Ashby Highrise.





2014-06-07 17.37.53 by marclongoria, on Flickr


Now if you're asking, "Don't we already have a thread for this?" All I could find was the River Oaks one.


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I have to wonder if we won't see more of this type of structure. It seems to provide far more square footage than the townhome developments dotting EaDo, the Heights, and Montrose (where otherwise usable area is chewed up by staircases).


more like chewed up by alleys and senseless parking requirements by the city.....which hopefully after some more densification will be done away with in at least the next few years.

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This will not age well. I'm afraid this is what the one on Sunset will look like and I"m sorry.

The steel is going up now on the Sunset site. I hope he has figured out how to put up scaffolding. The neighbors should be forewarned.

This is what the one on Sunset will look like.

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  • The title was changed to Chateau Ten: University Place
  • The title was changed to Chateau Ten: University Place Condominiums At 1742 Sunset Blvd.

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