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Moving To The Galleria Area?!


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Hello all, 


Well, I've just found out that it's official and i have a condo waiting for me in the Galleria area! Pretty excited but also a bit nervous. 


Was hoping to get filled in on the area? I actually haven't even seen the place or had anything to do with picking it out because this is more of a temporary location (6-9 months) and the living arrangements were taken care of by a family member for me. 


In other words, I'm completely clueless about the area. Haven't even seen it yet. All I was told was that it  is in the Galleria area.. Is that specific enough for you guys to know about where I'll be at, and be able to help me out with a little feedback on the area?


Safety? Close to shopping I assume since the Galleria is a very large mall (never been), so I assume there are lots of fun things to keep me busy? 

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Welcome to Houston :-) Here are a few links to get you started.  Technically it's called Uptown, and it contains the Galleria, but most locals do just call it the Galleria area.  Good central part of town to be in with every kind of shopping and dining you can imagine, but the traffic can be quite bad, both on the freeways and the surface streets.  Check out Google Maps before you go places and turn on their traffic color-coding, which includes surface streets.  You'll quickly learn which ones to avoid at which hours.  Good luck!






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