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HAIF Meet and Greet Events

H A I F meetup - when and where?  

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  1. 1. H A I F meetup - when and where?

    • Downtown - weeknight
    • Downtown - weekend
    • Midtown - weeknight
    • Midtown - weekend
    • Montrose - weeknight
    • Montrose - weekend

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I agree - we should have a happy hour post pandemic.   Name tags with our real name and/or our HAIF username.

I'm all for it if it's on a weekend, since it's rare I'm in town Monday-Thursday these days. Downtown/Midtown/Montrose/Other Inner Loop are my preferences for location, but I can go anywhere if the gr

The Black Labrador used to be the traditional place for the mods to meet.  But that's gone.  So very sad.

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OK, with 20 votes in:

10 for Downtown

6 for Midtown

4 for Montrose

12 for weeknight

8 for weekend

So far, it looks like downtown on a weeknight would be the best compromise.

Jefe bar, anyone? :P

Or we could all bring 40 oz.-ers and meet under the Main St. bridge...

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la carafe is cool - but sometimes a little crowded...

i am still holding up for sunday's tour - i should be there with a couple friends (and probably having lunch at market square beforehand). the tour starts at 2pm this sunday - and there is also the "Window Shopping on Main Street" exhibit as well....

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La Carafe is cool with me - never been there so that should be interesting. But August 26? Dont know - may be busy. Either way it should become a yearly tradition that we all meet. For about 2+ years someone has been trying to get this thing together...

...so is this thing real?

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So who went?


What Subdude said. :D

I was surprised at the turnout - perhaps 50-60 people? After the initial lecture, we were divided into several groups, each with its own docent. Unfortunately, we HAIF people ended up in different groups, and didn't have a lot of time to talk.

Some things I gleaned:

The building has been extensively remodelled several times, yet has managed to maintain its architectural integrity. This especially impressed me, as one of the major remodellings was in 1959, which was a time not noted for sympathetic alterations or appreciation for Art Deco buildings. They even went through the trouble of replicating the original decorative nickel gratings.

Although the original tellers' cages have been removed, you can still see where each window was located by subtle wear in the marble inset on the floor.

After construction had begun, Jesse Jones decided that he wanted four additional floors. He called the architect and asked if that was feasible. The architect said "I don't know, I'll need to do some calculations", and Jones said, "Fine. I'll hold." He did. And it was.

The Gulf Building was the first to employ a "floating" foundation - the basis of every modern skyscraper in Houston.

The original frescos remain in the hallway of the Main St. entrance. I especially liked the one entitled "Modern Houston", which features a woman who's the spitting image of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

All in all, a good time. I look forward to attending the next GHPA tour.

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So was that the Official Meet Up or is there something else?

More importantly, will we get jackets?

The original idea was to meet up in a bar, restaurant or club. We're still fielding ideas for Friday, Aug. 26th evening. The proposal on the table is La Carafe, but suggestions are still being taken.

Unfortunately, budget constraints don't allow for the distribution of jackets at this time. However, we may be able to make tinfoil hats for those we deem worthy. :lol:

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i agree, la carafe is a little on the small side...

what about warren's or market square?

(does anyone know if the construction is still going on there? everything was closed last time i was there because of it...)

also, there is agora. no age requirements either...

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They are pouring new sidewalks in front of Mkt Sq and Warren's as we speak.  It will be done by Aug 26.  Mkt Sq is a nice size, and the owner is really cool.  Food and drinks, no age limit.  Old building.  I reccomend it highly.

awesome - no more ankle sprains!

would you happen to know what kind of hours they have? :)

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So is Market Square the venue of choice?

Last time (GHPA tour) I wore a nametag with the cryptic message H.A.I.F. which seemed to work (and if you want to be recognized).


Wouldnt it be fun if we didnt identify ourselves at all? And then at the end we would take a guess on who each of us was? And then the one who got the most correct guesses wins? And THEN.....

(Suddenly, the ward officers - dressed in white uniform - gently grab 2112's arms as they escort him back to his padded room...)

<sound of head repeatedly hitting door>

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