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New Growler Place In Fulshear

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I don't really have much info right now, but i found this to be too interesting not to share. My wife was visiting a ballet school off 1093 before you get to Fulshear (there's a Chinese place in the shopping center, as well) and noticed a storefront being built out. According to the sign, it's for a place selling growlers. She wasn't able to tell if there's more to it like a restaurant or bar component, or if it's just for take-out. This would certainly be a nice addition to the area vs the usual retail garbage that's opening up.

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A growler is a container which can be refilled with beer.  Usually in the half gallon size.  It has a lid with a bit of a seal so the beer can last up to a week withou going flat.


I've known people who would have thought a growler per guest was just a good start. Of course, they usually just buy Bud Light, or some other dreck.


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