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Worsening roads and fewer repairs

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Not exactly hard hitting tv news, but I didn't realize spending was down so dramatically on road repairs. Sure would like to see the numbers on Rebuild Houston and where the drainage fees collected since 2010 have been spent.  Why do people vote in  these thinly-veiled special interest handouts  with no  accountability measures??? 




Have to admit I like the laundry basket full of pots. Pure cheez but effective.




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I heard Michael Kubosh speak yesterday--He told us he was against COH buying the old postoffice saying that money would be better used to rebuild roads and sidewalks. hmmmmmmm  I hope that's true and that he's not against the postoffice purchase because his office would no longer be a short walk away from the court house. But honestly I wonder what COH is thinking allowing the streets to continue to deteriorate.

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