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Coolest Houston Commute Ever

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Ok, I must say I am blessed by the development gods. I now have this as my daily commute. I travel down Hwy 6 and see the empty lots slowly filling toward the SL area, especially Imperial Pkway. Then I decide to return via 59, SH Tollway to I10 and then head 10 west to Eldridge or even Hwy 6. Soooooo, returning back home, I see 8 cranes around the Westchase/Briarlake District, 2 cranes at Citi Centre, 2 at Memorial City, and a total of 9 west I10 to Hwy 6. I know it won't last, so I soak up all I can for memory's sake. And you? Fellow HAIFERS, give us your dream development watching commute. I would love to drive other commutes. The only other one I have seen up close is the ExxonMobile campus with the Grand Pkwy development.

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As a Midtown resident with a short Downtown commute, I walk and hop the train at McGown stop (by Camden McGowen Station & Alexan Midtown) then pass SkyHouse, Block 334, GreenStreet, HilCorp/Macy's site and get off at Main St Sq, 1 block away from BG Group Place and JW Marriott/811 Main renovation.

Aside from saving a few commenters who unsuspectingly nearly walk into pat of Southbound Red Train (yes, same intersection girl was killed at) it's a cool commute passing all these development in a 10-15 minute commute.

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Southern 5th ward. Want to drive, counterflow I10, 59 and 45. Less than 20 min to any destination inside the Beltway and 10 min inside 610.

Want to ride your bike, immediate bayou access that goes to downtown, splits to the heights and memorial along the new Allen parkway.

There is no area in Houston with as much potential

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I head east on San Felipe, pass the new HEB strip Center, Blvd. Place, Hannover Tower, BHP Tower, Astoria, Hop onto 610 North, then I-10 East and see the Sovereign, and then all the projects Downtown as I pass it.


Coming home is a little different. Depending on where my job lands me that afternoon, the best is coming North on I-45 south and getting onto 59 south. You see the denser side of Downtown, sweeping westward views from Midtown to the Energy Corridor, and then the Museum District & TMC. Take that you train riding hippie. Sorry that was pure jealousy.

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I live all the way out in Cypress so I could take a thousand different options to get to work. The one I have now has quite a bit of variety :P


I go down Grant Rd., 249 to Veteran Memorial Drive, Shepherd Drive (with the Durham Rd split of course), San Felipe, Kirby, Richmond and then I'm at Greenway Plaza. It takes a bit, but at least I don't lose my mind sitting on 290 or 45 every morning -.-


Best part of this drive is going over the bridges on Durham. Right when you crest over the bridge just before I-10 you get a perfect view of downtown with the glow on the sun in the background. Then the second bridge over Buffalo Bayou :) Both of those views are stunning.


If I have to rush to get to work I might jump on 45 but I will still get on Allen Parkway (love that road and don't know why we don't have more roads that function like it >.> ).


Like I said I just love the variety of the neighborhoods that I get to travel through.

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