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HCVP(Section 8)& Public Housing

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Welcome to Houston , if you're looking for low income housing , the Houston Housing Authority office is at Fountain View and Westheimer . There are many programs for housing but the prominent two programs initially are HCVP ( Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program) and Public Housing . One other is HUD(Housing Under Developement) .These programs are easy to apply for but is a lengthy process which can take up to 18 months to 2 years approximate time on a waiting list . Section 8 also has homes for rent .You can go to the GoSection8 and HHA websites for more info .


The programs have strict rules based on residency . Here are some of them . 


1. No one other than those occupants on your lease allowed to reside in your unit other than to visit . If anyone is caught in your unit that is not on your lease is automatic grounds for eviction and removal from designated program . 


2. Due to fire safety,insect , and rodent population prevention , no boxes may be used in your unit . Containers are allowed with lids . No wall outlets are covered or overloaded . They must be seen during inspection . 


3. Do not overcrowd unit with too many personal items . To keep items to a bare minimum , remove uneeded things that you no longer use . This will help prevent the possibility of hoarding which is a major violation . Keep the unit clean at all times . 


4. You are responsible for any damages inside your unit . (There is a price list )


The length of time required for residency on the programs is 4yrs . Each program has its rules for applying . HCVP or Choice Voucher Housing Program is a program where the applicant has a choice of apartment property to where they choose to reside but they must remain at that property for 4yrs . Public Housing is a program where the applicant is placed at any property at HHA's descretion without consent or sayso from the applicant . Know the difference between the two importantly . 


Here are some quick steps for preparing for low income housing : 


I. Section 8 (HCVP) or Home Rental 


  1. Do your research . 

   Compare information and rental prices that meet your income . 


  2. Know where you want to reside before placing your voucher or pay low rent . 

   Make sure that the property apartment or home is section 8 approved and your definate choice of

   residency . 


II. Public Housing 


   1. Be prepared to placed at any property . 

    When you applied for the public option , you told them to do the searching for you and you are   

    willing to reside at any property of their choice without your consent . You have to reside at that 

    property for at least a year before you can apply for Section 8 . 


     2. Be openminded that the property may not be in a convient area . 

     You may be sent to a apartment property that may be a good distance from any outside 

     ammenities i.e. bus stops , convient stores , shopping centers ,etc . More power to you if you 

     have a vehicle or Metrolift . If not , expect to much walking or biking . 


For those who are new to Houston or first time utilizing low income housing . These are the options for you if for i.e. starting over or saving money.   

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Fourteen hours with no comments.  I can think of some Swampers that would be all over this like locusts.

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