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Where was this?


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This is an image from Chron's Tropical Storm Allison picture collection, taken 2001, but I can't figure out where it was taken, even when browsing over older Google Earth images! There's clues that would seem to point where it is:

- It's obviously on a major freeway intersecting another road.
- There's a La Quinta Inn and a Denny's.
- You could also see a Garden Ridge sign, but it may have closed when it went bankrupt around this time and closed several stores, so there's a good chance it's not there anymore
- Those office buildings look similar to the Town & Country or Greenspoint area office buildings.

Anyone know where this is? Because I can't figure it out. :unsure:


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Yeah, it was Federal and Interstate 10 now that I look at it! The hotel and Denny's are still there (the La Quinta seems to be rebranded recently), the "intersecting road" was actually a river (though the bayou at Telephone Road was one of my earlier guesses), the Garden Ridge DID close and become a Burlington Coat Factory, those office buildings are still there, and the apartments are still there (albeit renovated), though most of them were razed (floodplain)

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