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Teddy Johnson joins afternoon show at KILT-AM 610; Brien Straw replacing Johnson in weeknights

Blue Dogs

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Sports Radio 610 has folks switching gigs from mornings, evenings and afternoons.

Ted Johnson, former 3-time Super Bowl champion with Patriots, has moved from the weeknights to the afternoon show joining Rich Lord and Sean Pendergast, which the show is now called: "The Triple Threat" and extends the show from originally 2-6pm (originally Sean & Rich) to 2-7pm in the Triple Threat show. Brien Straw moves from the weekday morning show with Nick Wright and John Lopez (6-10am) to replacing Johnson in the weeknights in a new show, being co-hosted with Paul Gallant from 7-11pm.

Will Grubb has replaced Straw in the mornings. What is y'all reaction to the changes on 610 ?

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Well, the Texans probably pay most of their salaries, so they talk more about them.


The afternoon show hasn't been very good (in my opinion) since before Josh Innes was there.  I never listen to them, only the morning crew and sometimes the midday when I'm doing errands (if I have any to do).

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