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Urban Myth - Dean Corll burried victims in what is now White Oak Park


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There is a discussion on my FB page on weather or not Dean Corll ever actually bury any of his victims in the woods along White Oak Bayou in what is now a park. I say it's just a myth and have actually looked online and there is no mention of him even actually ever dumping bodies in that area but I have a small group who claim differently. Help me prove them wrong.

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I was a reporter covering that story when it was happening in the early 70s, and this is the first time I've ever seen any mention of White Oak Bayou or the city park. That park, by the way, is Stude Park. This has to be a rumor somebody started somewhere along the line.


In the first place, Dean Corll and friends buried all those bodies in out-of-the-way places where they thought they would never be found. It's why they were able to do what they did and get away with it for so long. It's ridiculous to think they would have risked being caught by doing something as brazen as burying bodies in a place as "public" as a city park next to a freeway. They were crazy, but they weren't stupid.


And while we're on the subject, there are those in Houston law enforcement who don't believe all of Corll's victims have been found. They think it's possible that more bodies are still buried somewhere "out there" and probably won't ever be found. 

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It was Coral (or Carl) Eugene Watts who killed and left at least one body in a wooded area to the west of Houston Ave/ White Oak intersection. Back then it was heavy scrub and could easily conceal a victim.




From one site:


"April 16, 1982: Carrie Jefferson, 32, was strangled and then stabbed twice as she returned home from her job at Houston's downtown post office. Watts buried Jefferson's body along White Oak Bayou."



General info:



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