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Handy Dan Home Improvement Centers & Crown Automotive


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Anyone remember Handy Dan Home Improvement centers? My ex-wife and I practically lived at the one on I-10 between Blalock & Bunker Hill on the south service road. This was back in the mid 70s. They were like a Lowe's even tho a couple of their CEOs later started Home Depot in the mid 80s.


Also did anyone on here get any auto repairs at Crown Automotive also on I-10 between Silber Rd. & Antone Dr. also on the south service road. It was in a strange looking 2 story building that you drove your car up to the second floor to the automotive dept. What was good about Crown was they were open 24 hours a day. This was also back in the mid 70s. I later lived in Houston from 99-01 and the building was still there but it wasn't Crown anymore.

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Crown Automotive?  I don't think so. I don't remember an automotive service place at that location. I remember it was Crown Plumbing - a 24/7 plumbing service outfit that evolved into ARS, American Residential Services.


Well it was, I had my cars serviced there, I spend over 4 hours of my life (seemed like years) waiting in their waiting room to pick up my 77 Plymouth Valerie Wagon, that not even Plymouth could make run. That car should have been recalled, then crushed. I didn't get out of there till after 2 in the morning.


Here's a pic, not my car but one just like it.




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How did you get this computerized printout of the various business types? I would love to search a few different places around town with that kind of information!


I have quite a few city directories - some in print (that I can scan/photograph) and some pdf (like that one). Houston Public has a lot of early directories online now but I think the interface isn't user friendly..

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