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Old Grand Movie Theaters In Downtown


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Just did a google search for the Majestic and the Metropolitan theaters of Houston and the search came up with the same photos for the 2 theaters. Is there a place that would have photos of each of these theaters that are of each theater? And what ended up in their locations once they were torn down? Also were there any other theaters in downtown Houston that were as grand as these 2 were?

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Houston had three big one-screen first run movie houses, all built in the 1920s.


The Metropolitan at 1018 Main Street, was just two doors down from the Loew's State at 1014 Main.


You can't tell from the front, but the Loew's was very luxurious on the inside. You felt like you were walking into the palace at Versailles.


Their websites include photos of their interior.


Metropolitan:   http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/1702


Loew's Statehttp://cinematreasures.org/theaters/1703


The Majestic Theater was several blocks away at 908 Rusk, and it was the grandest movie palace of all. 


Majestic:         http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/1672


It's been years since I've been in downtown Houston so I have no idea what is in those locations now.




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All three have been down for decades.  The 1000 block of Main now contains a building named (of all things) 1000 Main, IIRC built for Reliant right before deregulation and breaking it up into three components.  908 Rusk was replaced by 801 Travis, built about 30 years ago to house Allied Bank of Texas' (eventually, Wells Fargo's) back room operations, and now just a nice, low key building with multiple tenants, mostly small companies and professional offices.

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