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[WANTED] Key Maps books

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Hello HAIFers! I'm in the market for a new Harris County Key Maps book, something newer than 2007 (my version) but not the new $40 one. Any HAIFer willing to see me a copy, something that would come to less than $20 including shipping? No pen markings, please--and I live in Texas, too!

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I don't know if CS/Bryan has many thrift stores but if you know of one, you might try looking there.  I've seen them in Houston thrifts.


Also, give Half Price Books a look.  You never know what you'll find there.


Wish I could help you but my current one is about the same age as yours.  When DH got a new one (for work), I'd get his cast off.  Since he retired 4-5 years ago, there's no longer a rotation.


In all honesty, I had no idea they had reached $40.

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I haven't had a membership at Sam's Club for a couple of years, but Key Maps were always discounted in the book dep't there. If you aren't a member, perhaps someone who is can check and pick one up for you.

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