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Where To Inquire About Developer Tree Cutting?


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Anyone know where I can inquire with the city about a tree being cut down on Yale between 15th and 16th street? As you can see in the pic the tree is very close to Yale street so certainly not on the property of the lot that were just cleared.

It is entire possible that this was legit, but I'd still like to check it out.



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I was just coming here to post about the same tree getting removed on a Sunday morning. Another indication it was done without permission. The developer on the same block (~1516 Yale) also recently removed an oak in the easement as well. These people chap my backside. Please let us know if you notified 311 and what feedback you received. No way they should be allowed to remove those trees just so they can erect 8 crappy town homes.

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It also helps to ask the tree cutters if they have a permit to cut a tree in the City easement. I've had the cutters actually show me the permit a few times. The next time I see it happen in person, I am going to point out that the City has been mailing developers for $200k+ for illegally cutting trees. For 8 townhomes, that pretty much kills your economics.


I drove by this site after seeing this thread. Since they left the other tree, and it was wrapped with caution tape, they may in fact have a permit. Calling the City forester will confirm that.


Looks like the developer is Herda, llc, with an address at 519 Heights, if the various permits for 1510 Yale are any clue.

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