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Garden Oaks 1950 House


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I thought for sure I'd seen an article about the history of Garden Oaks somewhere, but now I can't find it. Check back issues of CITE magazine. I've heard that a lot of those houses were built primarily by home builders. 

Good luck!

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A friend of mine owns this house and we are not knowledgeable about mid-century houses and what gives some historical value over others.  Would you share comments about this one? Not the best pic, sorry.


There are several factors that can affect the "historical value" of a building. Was it designed by a notable architect, did the original owner have some notoriety, are the features of the building true to the style, how much of the original fabric* of the building still exists, and last but not least, is there good documentation of these attributes?


*By "fabric" I mean all materials and fixtures not just textiles. :)

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