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Checkers Plans Return to Houston

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Drivers passing by Delmar Stadium just on the other side of the highway might notice a new, checkered pattern adorning the building neighboring the Wendy’s restaurant on Mangum Drive. As construction has continued to progress on the site, new signs have announced Checkers will be returning to Northwest Houston and are currently offering potential franchise positions.

The company announced in early 2014 their intentions to expand into the Houston market after closing shop in the region in the 90s, however an opening date has not yet been released and correspondence with Checkers & Rally’s media department for further information on the store was not returned before press time.


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Also in the article the say "Sonic Drive-in will be having more competition in the coming months as the area’s first Checkers restaurant appears to be taking shape." Do they mean this specific location? Because the Sonic on Mangum closed, and was remodeled to be used by Checkers :P the nearest Sonic is over on 34th I think?

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A bit surprised that they would choose to build first in what is considered to be a somewhat run-down area, especially since all those restaurants have changed names and have evicted from their original locations (a Steak & Ale now turned part of a storage unit, a dead Hooters, a dead IHOP, a Del Taco turned Hartz Chicken Buffet turned Frank's Grill, a Burger King turned Pizza Inn, a dead Red Lobster, and a Subway that might've been a Taco Bell originally)

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Checkers & Rally's Restaurants, a fast-food burger chain based in Tampa, aims to open 20 locations in the Houston area this year, the company said. The Checkers-branded restaurants, operated by various franchisees, will be a mix of standalone drive-thrus, shopping center and convenience store locations.

“Our niche is is the value proposition,” director of franchise development Bruce Kim said.

Checkers keeps the average ticket under $7, Kim said. It’s able to do that by operating about 85 percent drive-thru locations, which contain only 1,000 square feet. Other cost saving measures include a new modular design, which is easier to permit and build, Kim said. The new “model 4.0” modular design uses structural steel and concrete, and comes pre-built in four pieces to be assembled on site.


Among the upcoming locations are

13500 S. Post Oak Road 

17694 Texas 6, Navasota 

11863 N. Sam Houston Parkway East, Humble 

500 I-45 South in Fairfield

4892 FM 1960, Humble

9 Uvalde Road 

12749 Market 

121 Remington Valley Drive

; 3420 Chimney Rock 

2210 Teague Road

9645 U.S. 90, Dayton 

7305 W. Broadway, Pearland 

15710 Ella Blvd.

NASA Parkway and Sarah Deel Drive, Webster.

Since 2015, Checkers has opened 12 locations in the local market. The company’s expansion last year was delayed by Hurricane Harvey and permitting and construction issues, Kim said. The chain, which has 875 stores in 34 states, could eventually have 90 locations in the Texas region center around Houston.


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On ‎2‎/‎16‎/‎2014 at 2:27 AM, JLWM8609 said:

I remember there was a Checkers along either Main, Fannin or San Jacinto near Sears.

Pretty sure  it was on Main Street, near where the Wheeler Street light rail station now stands.
It was constructed in the late 1980's on the site of a once popular drive-in that had been there since before WW II. 
Checkers didn't last long; it, too, was demolished after only a few years. 

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