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It's All About What You Drove

Michelle C

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So true, mollusk. Heck, if I owned it, I'd perform a little purple magic on it, and have it on the 1/4 mile poste haste. Oops! Now I've done it, salivating just went full blown drool, lol...

My Lord, Michelle's collection of old car and dealership pictures is more than enough to get the blood pumping. She's dropped my jaw on a couple if occasions with her contributions to the HAIF. Well done, Michelle! You have certainly become of my favorite posters on the forum. Your knowledge of all things Ford Motor Company is quite impressive.

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Dang Michelle, you have had some nice Fords.. I once had a 1960 Falcon coupe kind of like your red one.

But mine was green. Had the mighty 144 cid six in it. Almost a bulletproof car. I never managed to kill it,

and it still ran fine when I finally sold it off. Wish I would have kept it now, as it would be pretty collectable.

I still have a 1968 F-250, and I also have a 1974 F-100, but it's in the garage and I haven't driven it in a

while, although it still runs fine. Still drive the 68 quite a bit.. The buckets were a semi rare option on the 68's..

Not really connected to the Ranger in that year.. IE: a 68 Ranger didn't have buckets, unless you special

ordered them, and you could order buckets with any of the trim levels in 68, if I remember right.

Didn't have to be a Ranger. But like I say, they were pretty rare, and you hardly see them on most 68's.

Regular ole Bench seat in mine.


My first car was a 1965 Chevy Impala Sports Sedan. That the version with no pillar between the

front and rear side windows, and the rear window came to a sharp crease at the top back, rather than

the more curved version of the regular Impala Sedan.. Had a 396, and was faster than a scalded house cat.

My dad bought it new off the showroom floor, and I inherited it as my first car when I started driving.

My everyday car now, besides the trucks? A fairly boring Toyota Corolla.. I bought it when gas was sky high,

and I wanted a gas sipper.. I do have to say, it's been flawless and I haven't had a single problem with it so

far since I bought it in 2007.  So it has been a good car, if kinda boring..  :/ And does sip the gas, which helps

on the semi long trips I often take.

I remember in the 60's, I always liked T-birds because of the pseudo airplane interiors, gauges, etc they

had back then.






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You are right, the buckets were very rare in the 67, 68, and 69 pick ups and you are also right that it did not have to be a Ranger to have the buckets. I had a 69 Ranger and I had a bench seat. Another one of my street cruisers was a 71 Mustang 429 car




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