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Apollo Park: New Visitor Center In Webster


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The City of Webster is planning a 20,000 square-foot space-themed attraction with a towering astronaut statue to beckon visitors along I-45. 

According a proposal unveiled this week, the city's five-acre tract of land on the northwest side of I-45 and NASA Parkway will be home to the Apollo and Beyond Center, which will educate visitors on the Apollo space program and the area's rich NASA history.

Officials have enlisted the talent of famed Houston sculptor and painter David Adickes to create an 80-foot statue of a spacesuited Apollo astronaut planting an American flag at the front of the attraction.

There is a proposal for a 50-foot pedestal under the astronaut, which would house a small museum and make the astronaut a total of 130 feet tall. part of the proposal is an elevator to the top of the statue allowing for a 360-degree view of the area. 


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I'm o.k. with the LAX knock-off (the future of travel and all that) but why oh why do we need 100 foot statues (probably made of plastic no doubt)? It is difficult to make something that large look proportional from both near and far anyway. The Sam Houston statue in Huntsville is evidence of that. I was surprised when I first saw the Statue of Liberty up close that even she, as beautiful from a distance as she is, looks a bit squatty close up.


Besides the proportion issue why is it we feel the need to 'amp up'' everything? Again, I'm complaining about the proposed astronaut statue. It's not good enough to have a nice chorus singing Christmas songs during the holidays. There must be a 'human Christmas tree' with 500 members belting out Away in a Manger  and Silent Night at 100 decibels. Hopefully those who can't sing will be drowned out by the others.  :unsure:


Is the car dealership that flies a 100 foot by 60 foot American Flag (that by the way is not lit at night as it should be) more patriotic than one that flies a 15 foot by 9 foot one? The former smacks of 'advertising gimmick.' Talk about wrapping one's self in the flag. . .


By the way, the LARGE cross near Beltway 8 and the Gulf Freeway doesn't seem all that jarring to me at least. The proportions are pleasing and it doesn't have "Jesus Saves" in neon on it. The sentiment itself is one I endorse but I don't need to see it in 10 foot high letters.

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They are All advertising gimmicks.


True that. I think about Tri-Color (subtle huh?) used car lots around town displaying almost all the flags of North and Central America. It does draw attention. Let's be honest too, the 100 foot tall astronaut is just a specific and more permanent version of the inflatable gorilla or that goofy column thing with the face painted on and the flailing arms.


All kevetching aside, this does look like a fun addition to the Clear Lake - League City area.

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Now that I like with the helmet cradled in the astronaut's arm and his hand extended. The spacesuit is much more realistic even in its degree of abstraction. The other reminds me of the Sta-puf marshmallow man in Ghostbusters.


or one of those enormous inflatable advertising balloons that you see on top of car dealerships or buildings that are hosting a grand opening!

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