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Michelle Merhar named 4am and 5am anchor for Fox 26

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Fox 26 switching folks all over the place non-stop.


Fox 26 Traffic Authority Michelle Merhar has a lot of new things in her professional life. First, a new traffic system with improved on-air maps. Then, she was named the new 4am and 5am newscast anchor weekdays alongside another new addition to the morning news show, Rita Garcia.


Merhar replaced Chris Stipes, who moved to the weekend newscasts.


In other Fox 26 news, Tom Zizka is back on the news desk. The business reporter for the station has been recently filing in in the later weekday newscasts and filing in for Jose Grinan over the next few weeks (hmmm...I smell house cleaning here).


Arnold Diaz and his investigative unit has been CUT from WNYW-TV Fox 5 New York, NY State: so goodbye to Fox 26 Investigates as folks have wondered what's happened to Fox 26 Investigative reporter Randy Wallace. Fox Television rep says Wallace is doing general assignments reporting now at Fox 26. His biography on the station's website was changed from "investigative reporter" to "reporter."


Ford Atkinson hasn't been heard from in awhile now and hasn't been on the air since mid-December 2013: both of Atkinson's Twitter & Facebook accounts have stalled at the same time too. Spokesperson at the station has said that he's "on vacation."


What is y'all reaction to the new changes going on at Fox 26 ?

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