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Upcoming I-10/katy Freeway Traffic Changes

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"WB Shifts Traffic onto the New I-10 Westbound Mainlanes"

(Houston) - Drivers on I-10/Katy Freeway in the vicinity of Beltway 8 should expect traffic changes over the course of this upcoming weekend. Friday, July 29 Williams Brothers Construction (WB) will be shifting the existing I-10 westbound mainlanes traffic onto the new westbound mainlanes pavement between east of Beltway 8 and west of Wilcrest. In order to perform this traffic switch, alternate lanes of I-10 westbound between Gessner and Kirkwood and the corresponding entrance and exit ramps will be closed beginning 9 PM, Friday, July 29 until 5 AM, Monday, August 1. (The Beltway 8 northbound and southbound to I-10 westbound direct connector ramps will remain open during this time).

When the I-10 westbound mainlanes are fully re-opened to traffic, motorists making the connection to I-10 westbound from Beltway 8 northbound and southbound will be entering traffic from the left-hand side of the mainlane traffic, rather than the right-hand side as it is today. Additionally, motorists destined to Beltway 8 northbound and southbound from I-10 westbound will exit to the left.

The switch of traffic onto the new I-10 westbound mainlanes in the vicinity of Beltway 8 marks the successful completion of the first of fifteen major and interim milestones on the I-10/Betway 8 Interchange reconstruction contract (Contract D). By successfully completing this milestone ahead of schedule, WB will capture the full amount of the incentive, equal to $600,000, for early completion of the new I-10 westbound mainlanes.

For more information on the Katy Freeway Reconstruction Program including up-to-date information regarding other lane closures along the I-10 corridor, please visit the Katy Freeway website at www.katyfreeway.org

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Fast? It won't be finished till atleast 2008.

Let's see.. It's "fast" because have you ever seen any construction in any other state? I lived in the Lehigh Valley for five years. They were working on the same stretch of 209 from the day we moved in until the day we moved out. On a well-traveled side road off a heavily used main street in Lexington, all they had to do was shift two supporting posts for a railroad 6 inches to the right and it took them four years. In the meantime, they blocked one of the two lanes - BOTH directions for the entire time. It took them two years later to finish rennovating the look of the retaining walls. The look not the actual wall!

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