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Camden Conte: Multifamily At 1515 Austin St.


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Nice interiors but I am not liking the color of the exteriors. It fits in so well with the salvation army but that says something that it blends in well with a decades old building. Would be nice if it had taken elements of the Peacock or even the little building that was on this site before.


But infill is infill and at least it blends in with somethings. And I hope this project draws bars and restaurants to that area. I remember this area being dark and dead most nights. That was years ago. Hopefully this helps

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1 hour ago, jermh said:

Camden Downtown Panorama


Snapped this the other day. Slightly wonky since I had to photomerge a multiple photos to get the entire building in the shot.


Looks like the exaggerated renderings some companies like to put out. Thanks for the update, looks pretty good. 

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Taking this one down because the Costar Mossad will hunt me otherwise. Highlights:

- Camden was going to have a pop-up hotel (WhyHotel) in the Conte but gave it up because the hotel market is even worse than the residential market.

- Occupancy is at 39%, they are leasing about 10 units a month now instead of 30.

- This is on top of a 6% drop in rents for downtown apartments.

- Second Camden tower will likely be delayed.

- Houston's hotel occupancy is down 38% and revPAR is down 57% year over year.

- But that ain't nothin' compared with downtown Austin, whose occupancy has fallen from 87% to 29%.


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  • The title was changed to Camden Conte: Multifamily At 1515 Austin St.
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