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1st Pasadena State Bank At 1001 East Southmore Ave.


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She was a Grand Lady of Pasadena, Texas, Our 1st and most likely Last Skyscraper. Way to young to Demolish, she had decades of life left in her, had she had better and more caring owners. I fought for her for over a decade, to no avail.😢 We the Citizens of Pasadena, Texas will have to wait to see what if anything will take here place.

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10 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

Unlike some other Negative Neds, count me as one who is sad about the demolition of the bank. I loved looking at the building on our family shopping trips to Pasadena in the 70's and 80's. It had character. 

I wished more could have been done to rescue the building. 

I am going to assume you think I was negative. I didn't express any emotions about the demolition, just the realistic fact that without someone willing to buy the building, it couldn't be saved.  No one wanted to pay for preservation. I try not to get emotionally invested in property I don't own, which makes life much better than rolling up into a fetal ball every time some building I loved is demolished. 

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