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Harris County Joint Processing Center At 700 N. San Jacinto St.


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Will begin operation this Saturday. Apparently this building was much needed, and will allow processing to function more smoothly. Instead of using 2 different city jails and 2 different county jails for processing they will only need to use this facility before further re-booking. Good on the city.


Now if we can only get the JDC, that is now next to the new HSPVA, and move it to a new facility right next to this one that would be ideal. That way all these kinds of facilities are in one location and out of the population center proper.


EDIT: We should probably move this to the Downtown thread now.

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  • The title was changed to Harris County/COH Joint Processing Center
  • The title was changed to Harris County Joint Processing Center At 700 N. San Jacinto St.

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