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Possible Theme Park For Pasadena?


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I read this off Strategic Advisory Group.






SAG is assisting the Pasadena Second Century Corporation and the City of Pasadena, TX with understanding the development potential of underutilized land surrounding the Pasadena Convention Center & Fairgrounds Complex.  The site area encompasses over 200 acres.  Our services included researching similar-sized communities nationwide to gain an understanding of what other suburban locales offered.  The study is focused primarily on hotel, restaurant, retail, water park, amphitheater, and theme parks and understanding the supply, demand, pricing and financing factors that impact their feasibility.


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....perhaps a "texas" theme park would be nice (i'm being sarcastic).


it sounds as if they are considering many more options other than just a theme park.  i'm not sure why everyone gets so worked up over theme parks; they are bad for property values.  theme parks should be on islands, in rock quarries, or in unusual places.  a theme park on galveston bay with a great view but away from neighborhoods and businesses would be great.  on the far north side of town next to single family homes or the pasadena fairgrounds would not be my first location choices.

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