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Office Tower On Superblock East: The Woodlands


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We've heard about this one for quite some time now, first planned around 40-stories, now 27-floors. Here's the first report that mentions the existence of this proposal. Scroll down to The Woodlands.



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Interesting.  One of the proposed buildings at Research Forest lakeside shows to now be 12 stories and Hughes Landing 3 is 12 stories.  Research Forest Lakeside initially had only one 12 story building which is complete and I do not remember any office buildings for Hughes Landing at 12 stories.  Hotel and residential maybe, but not office.  I think both of those developments must be upping the square footage on remaining buildings.  Also, on super block east, the Woodlands Chamber has vacated an existing building.  I'm curious if there is a change in the works to upgrade the building or something better.  The chamber was one of several other businesses in the building and I do not know if others are moving out.

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I spoke to a woman at the bowling alley a few months ago who works for Anadarko and she confirmed the rumor that plans were in the works for a third tower across Lake Robbins which is exactly where the picture above indicates. From the looks of the picture, the building will be around 20 to 25 stories. Appears to be shorter than Allison and Hackett towers...


Wow now this is definently good news. Above it says its going to be 27 floors.


i think the one on the bottom right is residential.

Its new right? I think this is the first time I seen another residential tower planned for The Woodlands.

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  • The title was changed to Office Tower On Superblock East: The Woodlands

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