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My new iOS7 app for iPhone 5S which uses the M7 motion co-processor chip

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Hey Guys,


I wanted to introduce you to my latest iOS app which Apple just approved on Friday. I know this isn't Houston related but I'm a Houston app developer so I thought it would be okay to post about it.


My new app is called StepTracker and it's a minimalist pedometer app for iPhone 5S. Since it uses the M7 it requires the 5S and will not function properly on older iPhones.

This app displays your step count data which is calculated in the background on the new iPhone and stored on the M7 chip. This data is calculated automatically, even if you aren't using the app, or even if you haven't installed it yet. So unlike conventional GPS based step counters, it doesn't actually use any of your battery power to calculate your steps. You can think of it like a minimalist FitBit inside of your iPhone which always calculates your motion in the background.
My goal was to release this app as soon as I had my hands on a 5S to test it with, but due to Apple's unusually slow review process, it's just finally available.
I have some cool new features in the works such as a graph which appears when you rotate your phone into landscape orientation (kind of like Apple's stocks app), and daily percentages showing active vs. inactive time.
If some of you could download it and let me know what you think, I'd really appreciate it. I'm having fun developing this app and have a lot more planned in the future.
This screenshot is the current App Store version of the app.
This screenshot is the latest development build. A new version has already been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval

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