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Brazos River Park: 18427 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land


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Per Bisnow, this memorial was recently dedicated in Memorial Park in Sugar Land. Haven't heard of using tilt-wall for this sort of construction before.

Sugar Land's Tilt-wall Memorial



Tilt-wall has become more widespread in Houston recently, and this time it's found a good cause. Monday afternoon, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, Sugar Land Parks Department, and Sugar Land Legacy Foundation dedicated the Fort Bend County Veterans' Memorial. The team designed and built the memorial with inverted tilt-up panels as a continuation of the TCA Community Project Program, which is linked to TCA's annual convention (Houston is hosting it this year so get your concrete jokes ready).


EE Reed's Patti Miller found the community service opportunity in her role as chair of the 2013 TCA Convention Host Committee, and her firm will build the monument. Powers Brown designed it—co-founder Jeffrey Brown is on the TCA Board of Directors and led his firm in a design competition. (Matt Stephens designed the winning selection.) Besides honoring veterans, the team hoped to explore the architectural potential of tilt-up concrete construction. Jeffrey told his team to look to innovations in forming, acid etching, over pour, sand blasting permeability, variation in thickness, etc. The memorial is in Sugar Land's Memorial Park as part of its Memorial Trail.


More on the design and planning can be found here.

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I was reading the news and came across this article. Turns out Sugar Land has named one of their park "Memorial Park". I guess they are trying to benefit from the confusion between this one and the real on in Houston. Ugh.




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Looks like this has been Sugar Land Memorial park since at least 2013 (when they got a donated veteran's memorial)



The name predated the memorial, but not sure by how much




When hundreds of contractors, suppliers and other experts in the tilt-wall concrete industry return home in late September after their national convention in Sugar Land, they’ll leave behind something for everyone to enjoy: a new Veterans Memorial at Sugar Land Memorial Park.


"Memorial" is a very common name for something, often in honor of those killed in wars or of veterans.

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19 hours ago, cspwal said:

"Memorial" is a very common name for something, often in honor of those killed in wars or of veterans.


Bingo. While the name predated the memorial by several years (I think that part only opened in the past decade), the goal was always to have a memorial to honor those who served.


Technically, Memorial Park is a segment in the larger Brazos River Park plan that's being developed. Even the sign says "Sugar Land Memorial Park - At The Brazos River Park". Over the past few years, they have been developing the trail network from the existing segment and primarily to the north and west. Just in the past year or so, I know of a new section that opened near the northbound feeder of the Southwest Freeway that allows for additional parking and access.


This document on the city's website shows how all of the sections will eventually be integrated: https://www.sugarlandtx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/4021

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  • The title was changed to Fort Bend County Veterans Memorial
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A couple of things - could the thread about the memorial's dedication be merged with this one or vice versa? 

Second, maybe it might be best to rename the overall thread to something about Brazos River Park as the Memorial is just a section of the overall park, and another section is seeing development now.

The Phase III section will include a new pavilion, a bicycle/skating pump track and landscaping upgrades






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  • The title was changed to Brazos River Park: 18427 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land

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