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Catalyst: 28-Story Residential High-Rise At 1475 Texas Ave.


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This is a much more exciting view of Houston. From this side you can see all of the buildings that give it much more depth and character. Its more like a stair stepped eastern u.s. city skyline with the older architectural examples popping through.

You get a much better feel for the size and scope of the downtown from the east side. The west side almost looks like a movie 

set facade, although it is striking. Give me the grit!

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Keep thinking of what this area used to look like.... now and then:








Cool pictures!  Thanks so much for posting.  You can see right through what was then the Houston World Trade Center.  The building in the bottom photo foreground was the Houston Port Authority. You can make out the great kind of mosaic image around the front entrance.

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After looking at the image of Houston above I noticed the Gulf and Esperson building looking so small. When I moved to Houston in 1954, they were the tallest buildings in downtown, so you can see how much change I've been around for,  and maybe can appreciate my patience.

What an amazing ride its been and the things I've been able to witness here. Quite an amazing ride!

Now lets get those new art buildings and hospitals built. I don't have all day.


My mom was driving with me the other day down i10, as we were driving past the 45 interchange, she lamented that you can barely see the esperson building except from certain angles. the 40 story residential on MSP is certainly to blame for this. oh well, progress, I assume.



@chrisjln via Instagram


So much care taken in post processing to make this photograph pop, but didn't make the horizon straight to the focal point. it makes me sad. still a great photo. likely less than 1 degree rotation counter clockwise and this would be a phenomenal photograph.

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Did the Chase tower get new lighting on top? Im not sure I've ever noticed it with anything besides the white christmas lights.

The LED lights change from time to time.  I've seen red/green (Christmas) red only (Heart Awareness) and pink (Breast Cancer Awareness).

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  • The title was changed to Catalyst: 28-Story Residential High-Rise For Downtown
  • The title was changed to Catalyst: 28-Story Residential High-Rise At 1475 Texas Ave.

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