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Mason Rd. / Farmer Rd. / Skinner Ln.


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Does anyone have any details, road layout, and/or schedule for the extenstion of Mason between Long Meadow Farms and Waterview Estates (south of its intersection with Grand Pkwy). I've seen plans for future sections of LMF and they show Mason hugging the east side of the development, so I assume it will split off of Farmer just south of Oakland Elementary, and become the main thoroughfare up to the intersection of present day Mason/Farmer/Skinner.


There is alot of construction work happening in this area and I just got a quick glimpse of it recently while driving through. If I remember correctly, Mason is being widened between Skinner and FM 359.


Will Farmer Rd between Oakland Elementary and the entrance to Pecan Grove eventually be closed?

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The expansion of Mason Road was part of the 2007 Fort Bend County Mobility Bond project and the project is well underway. The Mason Road bridge is currently being built over Oyster Creek by the Pecan Grove water tower. There are several homes and a Pecan Grove fire station on Farmers, so I doubt there are any plans to close Farmers Road.

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  • The title was changed to Mason Rd. / Farmer Rd. / Skinner Ln.

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