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College Football Challenge 2013


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Wow! I've never seen this many people sign up. This may be a fun year. For all you new guys, don't let sowanome fool you. She may be a girl, but she always kicks our butts!

Good luck to everyone.

No kidding. I feel good that I picked the exact same winners she did but got waxed on the confidence points.

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Is anyone setting this up?? It's the last few days!


EDIT: I just set one up since I saw that Redscare had been the ring leader in the past.  




It's private and if that link doesn't work for you the group name is: HAIF 2014 


Password: haif2014


Come one, come all!

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Last time I'll bump this before the first week's games.  If you haven't joined, what are you waiting for? It's free and fun.


Make sure to get your picks submitted by the FIRST GAME TOMORROW @ 11:00AM!!!  After that games will start locking up and you won't be able to pick.  Good luck to none of you.

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