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Set Love Free?

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I love Southwest. But they are not as innocent as they seem.

Example. Their IAH to DAL flights were always full. A couple continued on to Lubbock and Tulsa after stopping in Dallas. Granted, there were only 5-6 flights a day, but revenue seat mile worked well for them.

Then the DFW/AA/Wright Amendment war began.

Southwest said they could just not operate out of a large airport like DFW. It was not their business model.

Suddenly, Southwest pulled out of IAH siting "small customer loads".

IAH worked, but DFW won't? Yea right! Good job, Herb!

True but the loads did not justify using the planes. They were freed up for the new Denver and Philly service. Hobby is working better for fleet utilisation (like I noted in #48)

Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, I'm your huckleberry

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