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American Water Resources of Texas

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I personally don't think so. We replaced our water service lines 3 years ago when we replaced the in house piping (which happens to all galvanized pipe at some point), so that's not a worry, and I don't think there are that many failures anyway. We had to replace our sewer at the same time, which was $5,000, but the house is 60 years old, and the concrete sewer pipe had collapsed, which doesn't seem to be covered by the policy.

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These "insurance" plans are almost always a ripoff. Consider the water and sewer cost on an annual basis is $144. Your water line from the meter to house is probably less than 50 feet and is PVC. You literally can dig it up and replace it yourself for less than $50. Sewer is slightly more expensive, but these pipes rarely break. I wouldn't get the coverage.

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