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Now that Gator Purify mentions it, one of the things that puzzles me about Houston with its near Tropical climate is the number of darkish buildings and houses and roofs. It seems a more southern Spain or Greece light color buildings would work better in terms heat reflection. I guess it all comes out to what sells.

It's the rain. Too rainy for those light colors. They'd streak. Spain and Greece are dry.

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Love the photo. Imagine a couple more apartment/condos in that area. Waiting on the Fairfield

Well there are the two down near St Joseph s hospital plus the two that Camden keep pushing back. A rejuvenated days Inn would do wonders for the Transit center district. I wonder if the owners own the entire block. If so what would they do to the surface lot? It's like surface parking attached to a parking podium.

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This looks great with the rail station in front.

This will be a very successful location if they ever decide to finish it. The brick masons have taken as long as the concrete work.

The framers were fast though. It doesn't take any time to put up stick construction but have they even finished the brick on all four sides yet? Everyone joked but I bet Skyhouse 3 is finished and people moving in before this one opens.

Seems like an expensive delay.

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They've finished the sidewalk along Main, are finishing the sidewalk along Leeland...even with only 3 masons working (I counted) this project is finally coming together and becoming a very nice piece of the neighboorhood

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  • The title was changed to Fairfield Block 334: Multifamily At 1515 Main St.
  • The title was changed to Block 334: Multifamily At 1515 Main St.

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