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221 Kingsland: How's the trip time nowadays?

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I used to ride 221 up until 4 years ago. Then it only took around 30 minutes from pulling out of the P&R to first stop DT. When I would walk up around 7:20am there would be a line of about 30-40 people but it went fast and was no hassle.


Flash forward to last September 2012 when I started working in DT again and tried 221 again. 


Walked up and there was more than 100+ people in a line that went around the corner. Parking lot was packed.


But the worst part is that it LITERALLY took *30* minutes to get from P&R lot, up Westgreen, down feeder JUST to get on I10. The first two days I rode 221 it took me TWO, repeat TWO hours to get to DT, with NO accidents. 


I was DISTRAUGHT! Then a co worker suggested I try 228 at Hwy 6. It took about the same time to get to from my house. NO lines, walk right on bus. You flyover from P&R right onto the HOV. 99% of the time the trip takes about 25 mins. Sweet.


I was wondering if things were better at 221 and if it was worth trying again bc Kingsland is much more convenient driving home from in the evening.



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