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GreenStreet And The Laura Hotel, Autograph Collection

Bob Plumb

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ya i'm counting 28ish with several of floors having above average ceiling height. this thing should be in the 30-story range in terms of true height.


the taller it is the better, and I am not just saying that as a blanket statement. The building around this future hotel hover between 11 and 23  Stories. the view of DT will look better with a more significant variation in height.


Beautiful building. 335 MM is alot.

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quite a few new places going up with roof top pools. they are going to have epic views of the skyline!

this one should be the highest, at around 32 stories, but then theres also the rooftop pools at SkyHouse and 1400 Texas.

*i figure around 33 stories because there are 9 floors with raised ceilings, and 19 regular height hotel floors. that would be 28+9x(~1/2.. however much taller you think the raised ceiling floors are than the regular floors), and get somewhere around 32.5 stories.

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I'm a bit behind, and haven't able to read the articles, but am I to assume that they are doing a complete demo to put in a new Foundation?


The article doesn't specifically say anything about a new foundation, but it says demolition is to begin in June.  And of course a 25+ story building will pretty clearly require a new foundation.

yeah it was posted a page or two back.. where the SkyHouse leasing office is, behind Forever XXI


and where Yao's restaurant was.


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Everything on that side of the block except Forever XXI will have to be razed, and they'll dig down for the foundation, too.


the fun part will be that the other half of the block, where the bookstore used t be and where NRG is now, will have to stay open, so, y'all will get some GREAT closeup shots from me as I walk in to work, and stumble home afterwards... lol



the circular sky walks will stay- that particular one is over Fannin, and part of it is inside NRG... The developers of the Pavilions once said they are the one thing they are the most proud of...

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From Midway website 


Midway, in partnership with Valencia Group, will open the 225-room luxury hotel, Hotel Alessandra, at GreenStreet in late 2016. Joining the impressive retail, restaurant and entertainment line-up at GreenStreet, the hotel will fill the growing need for more accommodations in the area, in addition to providing an important anchor in the city’s plan for a vibrant, mixed-use retail district in downtown Houston.

An express elevator will transfer guests to a 25th-floor lobby with skyline views during check-in and a sleek glass exterior that extends over a rooftop pool and bar. The contemporary-designed property will feature premier meeting and event spaces equipped with the latest technological amenities. Plans also include architectural details that will allow for sweeping views of the city and lavish indoor-outdoor spaces


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Could be an Onion article... "Architecture Enthusiasts Applaud Design of Hotel Most Will Not Afford to Stay In"


"The views from that 25th floor check-in lobby must be phenomenal!" gushed forum member H-Town Man, who will himself never see the lobby in person, as he usually caps his budget "somewhere around Hilton or Marriott" when traveling.


As national wealth becomes increasingly concentrated in the top 10%, a wave of new development is catering to this well-heeled sector, even while the other 90% cheers the new designs.



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Gensler is the architect. Hi-res renderings below.







is it just me or does the alley way/pedestrian promenade look way wider in this rendering than it really is? it seems like you couldnt have more than 5 people walking side by side in the current set up. now you could easily have 10. will they really widen it that much? i thought work was supposed to be done in a few months so i didnt figure any more serious structural changes would be made (besides obviously the hotel)

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haif team mates,


may you all just stop for a moment...    and just imagine the types of "retail" that this beautiful "hotel alessandra" just may inspire?  "greenstreet" shall now become a "gold mine" just like midway corp's "city centre" project.


development, as per this magnitude, is just what "greenstreet" needed to overcome being lethargic vs stoic.  this area of downtown houston...   shall become a "beast".   simply magnificent!

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Got this press release this afternoon.  Plus big renderings, which are always nice.


Midway in Partnership with Houston-Based Valencia Group to Debut a New Luxury Hotel Brand at Downtown Houston’s GreenStreet
Contemporary, 25-story hotel tower to include sleek finishes, a lavish outdoor terrace and sweeping views of the downtown skyline
HOUSTON, TEXAS (March 26, 2014) – Houston-based Midway, a fully integrated real estate investment and development firm, in partnership with Valencia Group, an award-winning hospitality management and development company, announced plans today for Hotel Alessandra. The luxury property will anchor downtown Houston’s GreenStreet, a mixed-use destination located just steps from key downtown destinations such as the George R. Brown Convention Center, Toyota Center and Discovery Green park.
Slated to debut in late 2016, Hotel Alessandra will be the newest brand in Valencia Group’s acclaimed portfolio. This venture will be the second time Midway and Valencia Group have teamed up to introduce a hotel concept in the greater Houston area. In 2009, the companies unveiled Hotel Sorella CITYCENTRE, a Condé Nast Gold List hotel located in the heart of the CITYCENTRE district on Houston’s west side, which also is in close proximity to the Energy Corridor.
“As Houston continues to see an influx of business and leisure travel, we recognized an opportunity to provide the downtown area with a more sophisticated, best-of-class hospitality option,” said Midway CEO Jonathan Brinsden. “Through our partnership with Valencia Group, Hotel Alessandra will deliver the ultimate experience for guests and set a new standard for luxury in the city,” he adds.
While Hotel Alessandra helps fill the growing need for more hotel accommodations in the area, the hotel also provides an important anchor in the city’s plan for a vibrant, mixed-use retail district in downtown Houston. Additionally, the placement of Hotel Alessandra instills a sense of connectivity for visitors and residents, thanks to its convenient location to popular destinations, sporting complexes, the Texas Medical Center and mass transportation such as the Houston METRO rail.
“Midway would also like to thank Houston First and the Downtown Redevelopment Authority (TIRZ) for its financial support of Hotel Alessandra,” adds Brinsden. “Both partners took the time to seriously consider the proposal, ask the right questions and ultimately act in the interest of what is best needed to serve the downtown community. With their contributions, projects such as this will help give convention and leisure travelers luxurious accommodations while resulting in jobs, new tax revenue, and other economic benefits for the city of Houston.”
Although Hotel Alessandra’s design is still evolving, the contemporary-designed property is expected to feature approximately 225 elegant rooms and suites with oversized bathrooms, as well as premier meeting and event spaces equipped with the latest technological amenities.
Plans also include architectural details that will allow for sweeping views of the city and lavish indoor-outdoor spaces.
“Our team is proud to partner with Midway in creating what will be one of the most impactful new additions to the Houston hospitality scene,” said Valencia Group President and CEO Doyle Graham, Jr. “As with all Valencia Group properties, Hotel Alessandra will serve as a bustling destination and gathering place within the community for dining, entertainment, as well as corporate and social events.”
GreenStreet is a Class-A mixed-use project, spanning four city blocks, connected via sky bridges and above-ground walkways. The development, located at 1201 Fannin, includes the fully occupied, 11-story regional headquarters for NRG Energy, one of the largest power generating companies in the country, along with restaurants, retailers and venues including the House of Blues, Forever XXI,
McCormick & Schmick’s and Lucky Strike. Earlier this year, re-development construction commenced on the 568,294 square foot development, which will include a three block urban linear park, mid-block pedestrian crossings, water features, a central courtyard in the project block between Fannin and San Jacinto, outdoor patios, updated wayfinding signage and lighting – leading to an overall enhanced visitor experience.
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Am I blind?  Does anybody see the pool?


Enclosed in glass on the top level facing Dallas St. Would be cool if those glass panels could open on a nice day.


Where is the parking going to be? It doesn't appear to be enclosed within the hotel tower and while no off-street parking is required downtown, it would be insane not to secure sufficient parking for this hotel. Is the GreenStreet garage sufficient? Even when NRG office workers are using it?

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Gertner's bar didn't create any noise- I never heard it even when walking outside the thing, and they never completed the outdoor portion- the stairway inside is incomplete.


I seem to recall a poster on here complaining about the noise.



Edit: found the thread


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Valencia Group has a very good product and I'm especially gratified to be able to say that about a home team (i.e.,  a Houston company).  


I think the addition of this hotel will really help Midway in their redevelopment of Green Street, in particular because it will draw a lot more people into its core.  

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So guests will have to go up to the top floor to check in? Is that normal now with new hotels? I've never seen it before, although I don't get much fancier than a Courtyard Marriott


The only place I have been to that had a similar setup was the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas. Probably the highest end place I've ever stayed. 

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Does anyone know if the anchor space that used to house books a million is still vacant?

Because, just coming back from NYC and being in times square, I think that would be an awesome spot for 2 story H&M flagship store, times square style

I agree. I'm completely shocked they opened up in the suburbs first. I thought they were supposed to have opened on at BLVD Place?


Anyways, If they did open one up It wouldn't be much competition with XXI, as they are essentially the same store.

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  • The title was changed to GreenStreet Redevelopment And Hotel Alessandra
  • The title was changed to GreenStreet And The Laura Hotel, Autograph Collection

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