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Dallas to be site of New Cities Summit in 2014

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Dallas will be the site of the New Cities Summit in 2014


"– They plan to announce that Dallas will be the site of the 2014 New Cities Summit, penciled in for the Arts District on June 17-18, 2014.

– The New Cities Foundation, in partnership with the Dallas Arts District, is launching in Dallas the Global Cultural Districts Network, which defines itself as an international consortium of cultural districts in large cities. Anderson will be a founding co-chairman.

Organizers say the foundation, whose partners include the Dallas Arts District, “will be the first network of its kind. It will support cultural districts — both planned and existing — and their contribution to the vitality and competitiveness of 21st century cities. GCDN members will work together on a long-term basis on the management and future planning of cultural districts worldwide...”

"...Anderson issued a statement in which he said that GCDN “seeks to elevate the role of urban cultural districts worldwide. The implications for our collective impact is vast — estimated to be $250 billion in cultural infrastructure investment within the next decade — spurring cultural exchange, progressive urban planning, economic development, and travel and tourism.”

The release issued today describes the Global Cultural Districts Network as “a high-level group of decision-makers involved in conceiving, planning, building and directing urban cultural districts. Over 50 new cultural districts are being planned or recently constructed around the world. These include Beijing’s Olympic Green; Dallas Arts District; Chicago’s Millennium Park; Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District; Singapore’s Esplanade and Doha’s Cultural District.....”

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