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Greater Houston Heights: Political Castration


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Watching, listening, reading and occasionally participating in local politics I have concluded that this neighborhood is politically castrated.  The 2011 redistricting was the coup de grace that ended the modern-day ascendancy of the Heights as a political force which began in the late 80’s with the election of Kathy Whitmire as mayor followed by Bob Lanier in 1991.  The Lanier administration focused on redevelopment of inner-city neighborhoods and we saw major infrastructure improvements in the 1990’s from streets to sewerage to lighting.  Crime was targeted with anti-gang policing and police sub-stations and the reclamation of our parks.  At the time it seemed everything good in Houston started in the Heights, true or not.


Now I am not even sure we are part of Houston anymore.  Our eastern half is “represented” by Ed Gonzalez from Lindale who could care less about this side of I-45 while our western half is represented by Ellen Cohen who can win re-election by virtue of her Jewish political support in the southwest and progressive support from Montrose, just don’t annoy Mayor Parker.  In an interview two weeks ago with the WSJ (The Modern American Boomtown), Parker goes on about Houston, apparently forgetting that the Heights is still part of it: “Like Texas as a whole, Houston sells itself as "business friendly," and Ms. Parker ticks off the attractions—ease of permitting, unobtrusive regulations and low taxes. She also supports Houston's limited restrictions on land use, which some here call its real secret sauce. Without zoning, Houston can adjust to shifting market demands—whether for townhouse complexes or retail outfits—faster than most any other city. It looks unwieldy to anyone of the urban-planning persuasion, but it also keeps prices down.  Tory Gattis, who writes the Houston Strategies blog, says: "I'd argue we may be the most libertarian city in America. Live and let live; strong property rights; not much corruption; small business culture."  Not in this neighborhood, not anymore, not with her beloved HAHC in firm control.


There’s an old song with a line it “I’ve been all around and I’ve asked both sexes, don’t go to Houston if you wanna see Texas.”  Not being from Texas originally, I always liked that line and thought it true.  I may not be a Texan, but I am definitely a Houstonian since 1992, and I have always loved this city since my first visit in 1972.  Nowadays don’t go to the Heights if you wanna see Houston, at least the Houston Parker brags about nationally.


To understand just how disenfranchised the Greater Houston Heights now is, you must understand this mayor and see through all her BS about property rights.  What she really thinks is hinted at with the redneck quote here (Annise Parker changes Houston from 'redneck white city' to 'boomtown').  You see she’s part of the Montrose progressive intelligentsia and that ilk knows what’s best for us in the Heights.  Divide with re-districting and conquer with social engineering via the HAHC zoning board: out with the families and working stiffs (aka rednecks), in with the DINKS and empty nesters.  Funny how I don’t ever remember modern Houston being White and Redneck, but Mayor Parker once fancied us so and now has “fixed” the problem just like you fix a steer.  The Heights is impotent as a political force.  Steal our property rights, no politician cares.  Organize RUDH against Walmart, no politician cares.  Don’t want Kroger to get a 380, no politician cares.  Want a nice baseball park for your kids, no politician cares.  Try for a seat on the HAHC, no politician cares.  Want some help in Washington, call Sheila Jackson Lee and see how much she cares for your redneck white neighborhood.

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Someone is giving Annise Parker too much credit.  When SHE finds nothing wrong going on tv and telling Houstonians they are too fat, says quite a bit about her.  And for her staff not to tell her it is a bad idea.  Pot calling the kettle fat.

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Please take your annoying political rants to another appropriate forum, this is an architectural forum!


Umm, actually, political rants are appropriate on THIS forum. If you read the forum index, you'll see that all topics are represented, especially local topics. Local politics, being of interest to those who live here, would certainly qualify for inclusion. You are certainly not forced to read the posts, however. This topic even had "political" in the title so as to warn you of its content.

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