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2 High-Rises Rumored For Montrose At Highway 59


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From a Swamploter:

From Higher Density:

Just down Montrose two recent land purchases will be yielding two more highrise apartment buildings. A new project is slated for the rear portion of the Chelsea Market, tenants have all been given six months notice to vacate. The Gramercy Place Apartments have just sold, with a highrise projected on the sight. The Gramercy Place located on Portland is in the shadows of Finger’s Museum Tower.


My comments: it's hard to tell from an iPhone map, especially since i'm not familiar with the two sites mentioned, but it seems these two proposed towers would practically be next door neighbors.

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What happened to the Montrose group intent on beautifying Montrose BLVD.  It seems that between the Hermann Park and Alan Parkway, Montrose is a perfect boulevard for this type of contruction (higher density residential).  The offices going in around Montrose at Richmond, now this or these buildings reinforce the need for an improved walkable Montrose BLVD.  I need to find that old discussion.


There is a nice little park right across the street from this location and more residential might spur more restaurants closer to the museum district.

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^ Hermann park to 59 is beautiful, heck even all the way to westheimer really doesn't need too much work. That being said Westheimer to Allen Parkway could use some work.

A redone montrose and lower westheimer would be great improvements to the city!

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I think it would be a good idea to ''cover'' the Southwest Frwy where the bridges are and make it a park---much like Dallas did with the Crosstown Frwy. I bet it would spur tons of apartment development and what not.


As opposed to the current tons of apartment development and what not lining the Southwest Freeway?

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The space between those bridges is pretty massive though... it would have to be a much larger deck park than Klyde Warren, and a heck of a lot more expensive. Besides, Houston would do well enough to continue improving the vast amounts of green spaces we already have.

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The Google Earth Streetview in front of 215 Portland shows workers putting up a "Coming Soon" sign with a rendering of a row of four-story townhomes. Photo dated 7/2015. This would be the Gramercy site. I wonder if this was an initial plan that got scrapped in the downturn and now they're coming back bigger?


Cute little houses along this street.


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  • The title was changed to 2 High-Rises Rumored For Montrose At Highway 59

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